artistic wall painting murals wall arts graffiti
artistic wall painting murals wall arts graffiti
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wall paintings offer how much it costs
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Artistic wall painting

Wall art painting

Beautiful art paintings, using trompe l'oeil technique, created directly on walls can become a delightful and original decoration in a business place as well as in a private home, on building elevations and indoors. We are not afraid big projects such as parking lots, large shopping mall paintings or advertising murals. Our advantages are: high quality paintings, competitive prices, reliability and experience.

Before and after

This is how we brought some walls to life:

garden mural painted mural
before painting

painted tenant house mural painted mural
before painting

garden painted wall painted mural
before painting

room handpainted mural painting painted mural
¶ciana before painting before painting

grocery shop mural painted mural
before painting

See our latest works.

Deciding on a design

The first stage of work consists in deciding on the character and subject matter of the design. Next, we create, free of charge, a few initial graphic designs and digitally place them on a photo of the wall, in order to show you what the final effect will look like.

From our proposals, you will select the one which you like the most, and we will develop it further, taking your comments into consideration. The final design will be a visualization of what your wall will look like after the project is done.

How much does it cost?

We quote a price each time we send you a design proposal. The price depends on many factors (i.e. painting intricacy, painting method employed, wall surface), but usually costs between 80-160 EUR / m2. However, in case of small and very detailed paintings, the cost can be as much as 400 EUR / m2. In order to see examples of prices, visit our painted murals section - by some projects we put an exact price.

Painting wall murals

The painting itself it usually started with a full-scale sketch directly on the wall. If high precision is required, we use 1:1 stencils. Sometimes we start painting the wall with only a general concept of the mural to be created - it's designed while being painted.
Usually we paint with acrylic paints and secure the completed mural with clear varnish or an anti-graffiti layer. Depending on the scale painting can take several days or even weeks.


room mural
high end: 250-400 €/m2
kids mural
standard: 120-250 €/m2
simple wall decorations
nice & cheap: 60-120 €/m2
how decorate wall
simple patterns: 40-70 €/m2
decorative painting
large surfaces: 30-80 €/m2

Wish to find out more? Contact us - we'll be glad to answer all your questions.

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